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Case Studies


Arkay Packaging is a package production company with a long tradition of excellence. They provide the highest quality folding cartons to some of the most recognized companies in the world.


Arkay necessitated the mobilization of their warehouse inventory system to better track inventory coming off of their factory floor and within their warehouse. The system needed to track the creation, release and removal/shipping of these items.



Arkay already had a system that was capable of tracking their warehouse inventory, but this system was not capable of utilizing mobile devices. We augmented the Arkay system by implementing a turnkey solution that included a wireless network within their warehouse facilities along with truck and handheld mobile devices that performed inventory functions through a mobile website. The mobile website utilized a MySQL database. This database was seamlessly integrated with the Arkay system database, sharing many of the tables in that system. Information that defined each product was brought across from the Arkay system along with other data necessary to track and manage inventory in the same manner already performed in the Arkay system.


Mobilization of the inventory management system allowed Arkay to move to the inventory rather than move the inventory to a desktop or write down information and carry that back to the desktop. This made them significantly more efficient and also improved accuracy as barcoding was introduced to minimize manual key entry of data.


Additional features were also included in the solution to provide better inventory auditing and reporting.

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