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Anthology is a fourth generation product created by the developers of Journey Software, Inc. It is a 4GL application development environment allowing you to produce sophisticated mobile applications without extensive programming knowledge. Create, deploy and manage all your mobile applications using our suite of applications.


Anthology allows you to develop and debug applications at the click of a button. Use the developer tool, Anthology Designer®, to create your mobile forms, add events and scripts that perform data validation and navigation or have our experts provide a solution for you.


Anthology uses Scenarios. Scenarios are programs written in our 4GL language, written to perform the exact processes you want. You can support multiple scenarios for different purposes on a single device. Furthermore, you may have multiple versions of a given scenario. All this is managed through our Anthology Deployment Server.


Anthology supports a comprehensive list of controls/objects such as text boxes, list boxes, etc. Any control available on your mobile platform is available for use within an Anthology application. All controls are configurable, each with a variety of properties you can set in the Designer or manage through our 4GL scripting language. Simply create your own screens to display and/or collect data necessary to perform mobile operations.


Anthology works offline or online through any local or wide area network. It contains its own local SQL database so there’s no need for a real-time connection to a web service or data source. You can move all information it needs into its local database to allow it to work autonomously or you can design a real-time application that instantly updates your corporate database. The choice is yours.


Anthology contains special objects like the camera and barcode scanner objects. This allows you to add a camera screens to your Scenarios to take pictures. A picture speaks a thousand words! The use of barcodes and RFID tags can reduce data entry time by quickly and accurately identifying records/devices. This is very useful in an inventory application.


Anthology supports GPS technology allowing you to collect location information and utilize this information to better track movement of your personnel and provide them with routing capabilities. Get them to their job site quickly and efficiently. Collect coordinate information while you’re at a customer’s site or use reverse geo-coding take advantage of GIS capabilities.

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