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The team at Journey Software Inc. has years of experience providing custom solutions for its customers. We’ve been developing solutions long before it was cool to be a software programmer. We were already developing software when the PC and Apple products came into the market place. Yeah, we’ve got some “experienced” folks! But wait, combined with that experience are young guns that know and understand today’s technology and the way they are used.


This unique combination of experience allows us to provide solutions where others are unable. We’ve been called into many projects that originally failed, providing successful solutions. Our unique experience allows us to solve problems that others are incapable of solving.


We have an electrical engineer turned programmer within our ranks that adds another unique capability. Many of our customers have equipment they want to integrate into their systems and they just can’t find a software development group that can provide this solution. We can!


We’ve done it all. We developed an application that integrated with a tractor trailer scale to track truck weight. We’ve development middleware applications that integrated less know software products with a web site application. We’ve developed mobile solutions to automate factory processes. Name it, we have probably done it.


We have experience in the following areas.


• Software systems integration and custom interfaces


• Hardware systems integration


• Windows CE, IoT (WinRT) application design and development


• Android and IOS application design and development


• Dynamic Web Design (PHP, UWP/CORE, .NET, etc…) design and development


• Database (MySQL, ORACLE, SQL Server, etc…) design and implementation


• Consulting and requirements analysis


• Desktop application development



Codes and RFID tags can reduce data entry time by quickly and accurately identifying records/devices. This is very useful in an inventory application.

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